Don Lemon's First Interview since CNN Firing  Don Lemon, who was fired from CNN in June 2023, opens up in a one-on-one interview about his thoughts and plans for the future.

Not Platforming Liars and Bigots   Don Lemon emphasizes his belief in not giving a platform to individuals spreading falsehoods and promoting bigotry.

Moving On and Excited About the Future  Don Lemon expresses his surprise at the firing but conveys his excitement for future endeavors and the projects he has in the works.

Interviewer Yashar Ali Description: Former CNN reporter and current New York magazine columnist, Yashar Ali, conducts the insightful interview with Don Lemon.

Surprising Firing and Positive Outlook  Don Lemon reflects on his unexpected termination but shares his determination to move forward and embrace new opportunities.

Holding People Accountable  Don Lemon stresses the importance of accountability and speaking truth to power, stating his commitment to continue doing so in the future.

State of the Media Yashar Ali discusses with Don Lemon his views on the current state of the media landscape and the role of journalism in society.

Published on USA Today  The interview with Don Lemon and Yashar Ali is published on USA Today, providing readers with valuable insights into Lemon's perspective.

Exciting Future Endeavors  Don Lemon expresses his enthusiasm for the future, hinting at the exciting projects he has in progress and the impactful work ahead.

Closing Thoughts Don Lemon concludes the interview, leaving readers with a sense of his determination, integrity, and commitment to his principles.